Aktivasi Personal Power dengan Gamma Brainwave

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Anti Hypnosis
Aktivasi Kekuatan Diri dengan Gamma Brainwave

"Gamma rays are an energy of the highest order we are aware of. When you start to talk about gamma rays you have to talk about consciousness. At the instant that this energy came out of the darkness, there was a consciousness, an awareness, and that awareness had order to it. It didn't just happen by accident. There is an order to it, so it has to have a master plan, and a way to control its growth and direction.

The origin of this energy is consciousness and it has an effect on the way we think and act.

We are beginning to see more people who are metaphysically tuned in - people who have a vision of how we can make things better. The biggest change is in our consciousness, because at its true frequency, gamma-ray energies are almost like thought or brainwaves. Gamma rays are an instance of consciousness like a brainstorm."

(Roland L. Beanum a leading aerospace engineer who, over the past 30 years, has worked on the X-15, F-100, XB-70A, F-108, Apollo and Space Shuttle designs and was the lead engineer of the Compton Gamma-Ray Observatory - NASA.)


Gamma Rays is the most powerful force in the universe.

The gamma-ray portion of the universal energy spectrum reflects the highest energy processes known and is rich with information on the evolution of the known Universe. By observing gamma rays from the most distant quasars, we may be looking back billions of years in time and seeing the Universe before our solar system even existed. The longer we listen to and look at gamma rays, the more likely we are to find that they are the messengers of creation and consciousness itself.


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