Tweet/ReTweet - My Style

Best way to learn is learning from the best.
One of the best way to learn from the best is reading their books.

The very best way to learn from them is listening to their minds.

So, Twitter it is.

I'm a motivational speaker, a personal development coach and trainer, an NLP practitioner, a hypnotist, a hypnotherapist, and simply an average person.

As an average person, i listen to what i want to listen. I hear what i want to hear.

What i mean by "my style" is that i'm tweeting and retweeting things that are aligned with and can leverage my:

- Intention
- Beliefs
- Values
- Attitude
- Knowledge
- Skills
- Habits

I do believe that there is a big chance that "my style" fits yours.

So, i simply being a filter in tweeting and retweeting - handpick.

I tweet and retweet the essentials, the wows, the yess, and the ahas of hundreds of world class gurus:

John C Maxwell
Deepak Chopra
Robin Sharma
Steve Pavlina
Jack Canfield
Anthony Robbins
Dr. Dilip A
Les Brown
Dr. Wayne Dyer
Kelley Croy
Stephen R Covey
Craig Harper
Kevin Kelly
Brad Montgomery
Brad Sugars
Darren Rowse
Ruben Gonzalez
Doug Dvorak
Andy Cohen
Peter F Drucker
Jon Petz
Jim Rohn (RIP - Quotes)
Tom Peters
William R Patterson
Dr. Drew
David Allen
Suze Orman
Marriane Williamson
Mark Victor Hansen
Tom Ziglar
Ken Blanchard
Robert Cialdini
Kurt Mortensen
Debbie Ford
Mark Zuckerberg
Paul Coelho
Leo Babauta
Dr. Annette Colby
Louise Hay
Barrack Obama
Pete Cashmore
Oprah Winfrey
Brian Tracy
Success Wallpapers
James Rivers
Dr. Jefferson Boggs
Tiny Buddha
Cliff Meyer
Hemal Radia
Motivational Quotes
Spirit Warrior
Awareness Master
Joe Vitale
Positive Team
Daily Success Quotes
CNN Breaking News
Martha Stewart
Larry King Live
Spiritual Truths
Christy H
I Am That I Am
Dale Carnegie
Market Guru
Zen Moments
Dream 2 Real Coaching
Jack Armstrong
The Success Quote
Change Expert
Tanya Hay Ziegler
Psych Digest
Quote Of The Day
Paradox Library
Gratitude Journal
Jamie Smart
John Grinder
Derren Brown
Dalai Lama
Dr. Jennifer Howard
Eckhart Tolle
Bob Burg
Randy Gage
Robert Kiyosaki
Bob Proctor
James Arthur Ray
Michael B Beckwith
John Assaraf
Art Jonak
Bob Doyle
Nick Vujicic
NLP Modelling
NLP focus
NLP Connections
Paul Mc Kenna
Ronny F Ronodirdjo
Mark O'Donoghue
Guy Kawasaki
Still growing...

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