Resolution's Things


This is why:

1. Social learning or modeling - Albert Bandura.
2. Modelling - NLP.
3. Social support - Psychology Science.
4. Social imitation - Psychology Science.
5. Locus of Control (LoC) - Psychology Science.
6. Subliminal influence - Hypnosis.
7. Priming - Psychology Science.
8. Social influence; identification - Psychology Science.
9. Peer pressure - Psychology Science.
10. Social structure - pyramid - circular - hybrid - Psychology Science.
11. Pygmalion effect, Rosenthal effect - Psychology Science.
12. Mastermind group - Napoleon Hill
13. etc...etc...

Here's my resolutions:

1. Getting closer and more closer to my God - daily.
2. Having more time with my family - daily.
3. Being good in English.
4. Write at least one book on personal development - deadline Dec, 31.
5. More active on Twitter.
6. Sharpening the saw: Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy.
7. Doing an MLM (whaaaaaattt ...?!!!!)

Adding up to my whole current activities.


For English, i'm looking forward for some fast method solution. How do i do this? Can anyone help me?

About the book: It's about communication, it's about...

About Twitter, i've joined Twitter about two years ago, not active since then. Few weeks ago i find a "positioning" on how should i use Twitter. I'll be more active in 2010.

Hypno things: More on 101 practicing, stage or therapy maybe. More certificate, but not priority.

MLM: MLM is a "part-like-part-don't-like" thing for me. Yet, i'm trying to keep an open mind. I've told my sponsor this, "If i can't make this one out by the end of 2010, there's no more MLM in 2011 and on for me". I'll just try something else. Except of course, speak and train before those people in this particular world. Ha... that is my job.

(This particular MLM, will officially launch soon in our country by the end of this January. It is already worldwide spread in more than 50 countries. Anyone interested? Contact me! You'll be the few guys at the top.)

So, what is your resolution?

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Ikhwan Sopa
Master Trainer E.D.A.N.